Puodas viÅtai did CHICKEN ST
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Puodas viÅtai did CHICKEN ST
  • Puodas viÅtai did CHICKEN ST

Puodas viÅtai did CHICKEN ST

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Ceramic chicken pot 25 cm for roasting chicken

Height - 14 cm

Weight - 3 kg

Bowl depth - 7 cm

Bowl diameter - 25 cm

Pipe diameter - 6 cm


Ceramic chicken pot is specially designed for roasting chicken or other small poultry. Its design allows you to pour the marinade and soak the bird inside.

Chicken or any other bird is put on the pipe, and the fat released during cooking is collected in the dish. When heated, the liquid boils and circulates inside the poultry, while the meat is baked on the outside. The result is a delicious and juicy dish. To add spice to your dish, you can put any side dish in the bowl, vegetables, which are soaked in juice and acquire an unforgettable taste.

Attention! Read the instructions carefully before use!

Do not expose ceramics to a sharp temperature drop, from which it is destroyed. You can cook meat, fish, vegetables in such dishes.

Very important! Do not allow ceramics to come into contact with open fire; you must wait until the coals are completely burned out. When ready, the dish cannot be taken out of the tandoor immediately. Remove the lid and let the ceramic cool down for a few minutes. Otherwise, if these rules are not followed, the ceramics will crack.

How to care:

- be sure to rinse ceramic dishes with hot water before pouring boiling water into them;

- wash in warm water with a little detergent added. Use a soft brush to wash the dishes, do not scrape the dishes with a knife or other sharp objects. Then leave to dry, without covering or wiping. Do not use dishwashers to wash pottery.

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